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"Rogaine" for hair loss protection / baldness in men

Hair Loss / Baldness in Men
Hair loss that causes baldness is one thing that makes many men panic. Baldness usually begins in the 30s, with the depletion of hair on the forehead or the crown of the head. Eventually, the hair no longer appeared, leaving only the skin without hair. For most men, the process is not so annoying and accepted as a natural fact. However, for some other guy this causes a lack of confidence and even depression.
Causes of  baldness
Baldness, the pattern is genetic, usually occurs because of the sensitivity of hair follicles to dihydrotesterone (DHT) that trigger baldness gene. Because not every follicle carry this gene, only a portion of hair loss. Other causes of hair loss, which usually can be treated, the anemia, underactive thyroid, fungal infections of the scalp, the use of certain medications and stress.
Hair loss and baldness is a PROCESS that consists of several Phase (stages). The process of early baldness can be prevented if you know the process of phases and take proper care.
Do not you wait until the maintenance action, because if the process has reached the phase of baldness to 6-7, baldness hair can not be restored to normal.
The process of hair loss and baldness is divided into 7 phases:
Phase 1.
Normal hair that has not undergone the process of hair loss or baldness. There is no depletion in both right and left side faces the forehead (receding hair).
Phase 2.
Hairline on the forehead above the right and the left shows a triangular shape, a form of "receding hair" (hair loss on the forehead above). The hair on the top face losing more than usual and look thinner.
However, in this phase hair loss is still not so much, making it difficult to ensure the only form of baldness of the hair. In this phase, you can start the treatment or care
Phase 3.
This phase is the beginning of baldness. Forehead hairline has reached the limit of the ear, or about 2.5 cm more backwards than the second phase. The hair on the face is looking more and substitute a new hair thinning also seem to slow down. The process of hair loss on top of the head will be more frequent than usual and will be faster according to age. In this phase, there is a good idea to consult a dermatologist / dermatologist or treating it with the right products.
Phase 4.
In this phase, the scalp (scalp) is visible on the upper face of the head. The hair looks very thin than usual. This is in contrast to the thickness of the hair on the sides and back of the head. In this phase, you had to give serious hair care to avoid the more severe hair loss.
Phase 5.
The back of the bald and the hair on the face as I would merge, and the head of state has almost no hair at all. Left only a thin hair over the head with a very little amount. Receive appropriate treatment will stop further hair loss, and in some cases the hair grows back.
Phase 6.
This phase has entered a phase of severe baldness. The top of the head hair was almost lost everything. Hair loss spreads to the side or back of the head. In this phase, the treatment can be done but will not be as effective anymore. Solutions are usually graft or hair growing on the scalp
Phase 7.
This phase is the phase of total baldness. Hair on his head was missing everything. The hair on the back of the head are also experiencing thinning and is more pronounced with the passage of time. In this phase, hair care has not be done again. That can be done is the planting of hair / hair transplant.

If you act quickly at the beginning of baldness, then the process is more severe hair loss can be avoided.

Is baldness can be stopped?
Yes, if the cause is not genetic, such as anemia that can be recovered with an increase in iron. Herbal treatments that contain zinc, magnesium, vitamin E and other substances may also help. Traditional treatments such as rubbing the scalp with a "hair grower oil" results are not proven.

More modern treatments and tested reported to slow or stop baldness. Some of the popular therapies:
  • Minoxidil ("Rogaine") is a drug-free or applied directly to the scalp to facilitate blood supply to hair follicles.   Approximately two-thirds of men reported improvement in their hair growth after using up to 1 year. 
  • Finasteride is an oral treatment for baldness. This medicine should be by prescription because it works by preventing the action of male hormones that trigger the production of DHT. Eighty percent of men reported improvement after the use of hair up to 6 months.
  • Revivogen is a therapeutic scalp treatment using natural ingredients that promote healthy hair growth and combat the causes of hair loss. Treatment can take about 4-6 weeks to show results.
  • Hair transplantation is done by taking a bit of skin tissue containing hair follicles from other parts of the head (like the back of the head) and grafting to the bald area.
  • Caffeine .This may be a bit surprising, but there have been several studies showing that caffeine can act as a stimulator of human hair growth. Estimated caffeine works by blocking chemicals in the body destroying the follicle. There are several treatments that are available directly on caffeine to help hair restoration.
Men's Rogaine Foam is easy to use - and best of all, it works. Rogaine Foam make part of your daily regimen and feel proud of your hair again. Rogaine Foam place easily and dry quickly. In clinical testing, hair regrew in 85% of men after four months if used twice a day.